Polymer Drying/Dewatering Equipment

Anderson International has been manufacturing synthetic rubber dewatering and drying machinery since the early 1950s. Our equipment continues to provide the shortest drying time and operating costs in the industry.

Oilseed Extraction Equipment

Not only a leading supplier of full-pressing equipment for specialty oil extraction, Anderson also manufactures equipment for preparation of low and high oil content seeds to minimize utility consumption in chemical and mechanical extraction plants.

Recent Blogs

The Economics of Dehulling Oilseeds

Nearly every seed is protected by an outer covering, or hull, that contains very little fat or protein content. In the oilseed processing industry where fat and protein drive the value of products, removing this hull can help maximize the profits of the other byproducts. But adding dehulling equipment adds operational expenses, so processors must…

Discovering the Potential of Camelina Oil

Although its history dates back thousands of years to the Bronze Age, camelina is considered a relatively recent oilseed as its commercial uses are just now being discovered. Showing great potential in terms of agronomic and economic value, this novel crop is rapidly gaining traction as producers discover camelina oil’s many benefits and applications. While…

Exploring more efficient canola processing methods

Although canola oil is a common ingredient today in grocery stores, restaurants, and home kitchens, the popular commodity has a relatively short history compared to other oilseeds. Since canola oil first hit the market in the 1970s, canola processing has quickly advanced as crop varieties and pressing methods have evolved. However, canola’s genetic predecessor—rapeseed—has been…

Complete systems for oilseed, synthetic rubber, and animal feed processing.

Put Anderson’s 130 years of engineering and installation experience to work for you when it comes time to design a new processing system or make changes to existing installations.


Anderson International Corp has been a global leader for more than 130 years. Over the course of time, we have designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of oil, polymer, and feed processing equipment in more than 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries — each one specifically tailored to the customer’s unique needs. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we stand by our products and provide complete process support for the lifetime of our systems. Anderson has equipment installations from the 1920s that are still in operation today!


Worldwide Representation

Anderson International has sales representatives globally who support genuine Anderson products. Our global representatives allow for convenient exports directly to businesses around the world.