Oilseed Extraction Equipment

Manufacturing equipment for preparation of low and high oil content seeds to minimize utility consumption in extraction plants.

Expeller® Pressed Ecomeal™

Feeding the world responsibly with Expeller-pressed, sustainably-produced, chemical-free, soybean meal.

Recent Blogs

Recognizing Manufacturing Safety Hazards that Threaten Mechanical Plant Safety

Between the heavy industrial equipment, the extreme temperatures, and the high electrical loads, manufacturing plants and processing facilities are filled with potential hazards. Without proper training, caution, and common sense, workers can quickly become devastating statistics in these dangerous environments. Recognizing the most menacing manufacturing safety risks in any facility is the first step to…

Enhancing Feed Extrusion with Anderson’s Expander-Extruder-Cooker™

Extrusion technology has been used to process grains and seeds for nearly a century. As processing methods evolved, extrusion systems like Anderson’s popular Dox™ Extruder have advanced to become essential apparatus in many operations. But long before the Dox was invented, Anderson’s feed extrusion expertise originated with a modest machine called the Expander-Extruder-Cooker™, or EEC.…

Scheduled Maintenance Turnaround Planning for Oilseed Processing Plants

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep an oilseed processing plant at peak efficiency and optimal performance. Over time, the constant crushing action of abrasive materials can gradually wear down even the highest quality equipment. In addition to routine daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep, oilseed processing plants typically shut down their operations once or twice a…

Complete systems for oilseed, synthetic rubber, and animal feed processing.

Put Anderson’s 135 years of engineering and installation experience to work for you when it comes time to design a new processing system or make changes to existing installations.


Anderson has been a global leader for more than 135 years. Over the course of time, we have designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of oil, polymer, and feed processing equipment in more than 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries — each one specifically tailored to the customer’s unique needs. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we stand by our products and provide complete process support for the lifetime of our systems. Anderson has equipment installations from the 1920s that are still in operation today!


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