As innovators in manufacturing processing machinery, we know what’s involved in developing complete processing systems.


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Our deep knowledge of the intricate details and nuances of the oilseed, polymer, and feed processing industries allows us to be an indispensable resource for our customers at any stage in building a processing system.

As partners from the start to the end of the process, Anderson’s work doesn’t stop when plants are designed and installed. Our plant development process involves weeks of onsite training and education from our process engineering experts to ensure each of our customers understands the most effective way to run their machinery to meet their specific needs.

Anderson prides itself on providing top customer service and sticking by our products for their entire lifetime, offering onsite technical support if the plant operator has changing needs or requirements from their systems. With over 700 years of pooled experience among our entire staff, we are confident that we can create a tailored solution for any specific technical challenge.

Achieving Results

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Anderson provides processing solutions that solve our clients’ biggest challenges and achieve outstanding results. Our certified, experienced team is dedicated to tailoring end-to-end solutions that meet your needs now and lay a foundation of success for the future.

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Anderson’s Expert Engineering and Installation Services


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Put Anderson’s 130 years of engineering and installation experience to work for you when it comes time to design a new system or make changes to existing installations.

Anderson International offers a wide array of engineering services from the standard documentation that accompanies every equipment order at no extra cost to our long list of integration services that are offered to help our customers design the most efficient processing systems. If you need assistance with designing a brand new facility or want help expanding an existing facility let Anderson put their experience to work for you.

Installation includes onsite training and education necessary to ensure the machinery is working in the most efficient way possible. We support local contractors doing the construction and installation of a new site to assure everything is put together per our recommendation. And our engineering experts ensure each of our customers understands the most effective way to run their machinery to meet their specific needs.

To fully take advantage of Anderson’s processing technology capabilities, onsite operation training is incorporated into every sale of our processing systems. When operated properly, Anderson’s equipment satisfies customers’ processing requirements for decades with limited downtime for maintenance. For this reason, Anderson puts an emphasis on effective commissioning training for operating a new facility. We fly all around the world to ensure that our engineering experts can relay the information processors need so their equipment can have a long and efficient lifetime of processing. The process training is tailored to ensure clients can operate the equipment to get the most of out of their processing system. And, Anderson offers process audits to examine how companies can maximize their production efficiency while minimizing production costs.

While Anderson’s machinery is designed to require as little maintenance downtime as possible, there are specific responsibilities needed to keep the machinery working smoothly for decades. Our engineers have worked on over 12,000 units, 1,000 plant installations, in over 100 countries, and have witnessed both the pitfalls of poor upkeep and the long lifespan of well-maintained machinery. Proper care for Anderson’s systems is a telling reason why Anderson has installations from the 1920s that are still in operation today. Anderson’s engineers put together custom courses for customers and train them on proper maintenance procedures.

Additional Services
Anderson has experts and equipment available for:

  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Size Reduction Equipment
  • Conditioning, Drying, and Cooling Vessels
  • Oil Filtration Systems
  • Bagging Systems
  • Material Transport/Conveyance
  • Plant-Wide Control Systems

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