Anderson International Corp

With 135+ years of process knowledge and manufacturing experience, Anderson is the industry leader and trusted business partner in providing solutions for the various markets we service: Mechanical Oilseed Processing, Solvent Oilseed Processing, Biofuels, Aqua Feed, Pet Feed, Feed Mill, Polymer Processing and Manufacturing Solutions worldwide.

Most of Anderson’s processing systems are built around the Expeller® press. The Expeller press was invented in the late 1800s by the company’s founder, Valerius D. Anderson. All mechanical screw presses used in the industry today are built from the concepts originally developed in Anderson’s Expeller press design.

Anderson has designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of processing equipment for over 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries. Each processing solution is specifically tailored to the Customer’s unique needs to ensure safety, maximize productivity and drive sustainability.

Anderson stands by our products and provides complete process support for the lifetime of our systems through OEM replacement parts, application support and service.

Anderson has equipment installations from the 1920s still in operation today!


Quality is paramount in our products and interactions with Customers and Anderson is committed to continuously improving the organization with this goal in mind. We demonstrated our commitment to quality by achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification in April 2014. Two short years later, we were among the first in the industry to upgrade our certification to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our focus on quality and continuous improvement enables us to offer the level of service and support that our Customers have come to expect and desire.

As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we stand by our products and provide complete process support for the lifetime of our systems. Anderson has equipment installations from the 1920s that are still in operation today!

Our success is ultimately measured by the success and profitability our Customers derive from our technologies and support. Anderson’s knowledge and drive to innovate assure that our Customers can rely on our technology, services, and expertise for the decades to come. As we say at Anderson, “We only succeed as our Customers succeed!”

We ensure that our Customers succeed by:

  • Providing products and services on time that meet or exceed Customer expectations for safety, quality, reliability, and service.
  • Utilizing key performance indicators to support Anderson quality objectives.
  • Promoting an environment of continual improvement in which quality is the responsibility of each employee.
  • Maintaining an effective, documented Quality Assurance System, established and sustained in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Anderson International Corp is a member of the following industry organizations:

US Soybean Export Council (USSEC)
Through a global network of international offices and strong support in the U.S., the USSEC helps build a preference for U.S. soybeans and soybean products, advocate for the use of soy in feed, aquaculture and human consumption, promote the benefits of soy use through education and connect industry leaders through a robust membership program. Their Mission is to optimize the utilization and value of U.S. soy in international markets by meeting the needs of their stakeholders and global Customers.


Ohio Manufacturers Association (OMA)
Anderson International participates with OMA’s Workforce Leadership Committee to strategize with educators and top leaders from manufacturing companies and government agencies to improve training and education options for the next generation of manufacturers.

ConxusNEO Manufacturing Network
The Conexus Manufacturing Sector Partnership is led by top manufacturing companies from across the county and includes representation from educational facilities, economic development, and workforce development partners. This “peer group” collaborates to develop strategies around workforce challenges and allows us to share and build upon each other’s best practices. These extracurricular commitments keep us on the cutting edge and translate directly into better service performance for our Customers.


American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS)
AOCS is an international professional organization dedicated to providing a support network for those working with fats, oils, and surfactants in the science and technology industries. Founded in 1909, AOCS has approximately 4,000 members in 90 countries. Anderson presents research findings and hosts industry talks at AOCS events.


International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP)
The IISRP is an international not-for-profit trade association with 50 producer and affiliated members from in 23 countries. The producers represent more than 90% of the global synthetic rubber capacity.

Texas_A&M_University logo

Texas A&M University
Anderson partners with Texas A&M University to conduct research and educate the next generation of engineers and scientific problem solvers. We regularly present informational industry discussion lectures with students.


The Greater Akron Chamber
The Greater Akron Chamber provides membership benefits with a focus on regional economic development. The mission of the Greater Akron Chamber is to drive economic development and prosperity for the people of the Greater Akron Region.


Stow Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce
The Stow Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce works to support economic development in the local and regional area.