Oilseed Products

Anderson International Corp, as the inventor of the original continuous mechanical screw press, is recognized as a global leader in the oilseed processing industry for over 135 years.

Anderson has designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of processing equipment for over 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries, processing in excess of 100 different materials.

Not only a leading supplier of full-pressing equipment for specialty oil extraction, Anderson also manufactures extrusion equipment for the preparation of low and high-oil-content seeds to minimize utility consumption and maximize yield in chemical and mechanical extraction plants.

Today, Anderson supports clients globally with process expertise, durable equipment, innovative designs and metallurgies, replacement parts, research and development, total plant layouts, installation supervision, and training necessary for optimal performance of the entire system.

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Our systems

DOX™ Extruder Series

Mechanical oilseed processing equipment designed to cook, dry and sheer oilseeds to maximize throughput and extraction of oil.

NEW!!! LION™ EXPELLER® Press Series

The most durable and efficient mechanical screw press on the market

ECOMEAL™ Product

ECOMEAL™ is EXPELLER®-pressed, sustainably-produced, chemical-free soybean meal. Available in either organic or non-organic soybean meal products.


Solvent oilseed extraction equipment minimizing solvent use while maximizing extractor capacity and oil recovery.


Cold press processing where heat exposure is minimized to offer the highest recovery of oil in a single pass.

About Oilseed Extraction


The primary goal of oilseed processing is to extract as much oil as possible from the seed while consuming as little energy as possible. The result: two end products, oil and the leftover solids traditionally called meal.

The two most common methods for separating the oil from the oilseed are chemical extraction and mechanical extraction. With chemical extraction, there is less oil loss, but plants incur higher investment costs while yielding a lower value product.

While oil losses in the meal are slightly higher, around 5-8%, mechanical extraction does not expose the products to any harmful chemicals, yielding a much higher value product.

Screw Press Diagram