Anderson is a specialist in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete installations for the grain- and feed processing industries.

A few decades after the Expeller® was introduced for the edible oilseed processing industry, the Anderson team discovered that at higher shaft speeds, the addition of steam/water injection, a solid barrel, and a specialized discharge, the machinery could be efficiently used for the animal feed market.

The modified screw press, known as Expander-Extruder-Cooker™, could continuously cook feed materials and form a uniform structure for enhanced nutrient absorption. Much like the Expeller, the Expander-Extruder-Cooker formed the backbone of a new processing system for producing all types of feeds such as pet food, animal feed, and aquatic feed.

Today, Anderson works in partnership with Ottevanger Milling Engineers to supply both extruded and pelleted feed solutions through Anderson Feed Technology.  Under the name Anderson Feed Technology the companies have combined forces to offer over 245 years of feed and food processing excellence.

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Anderson Pet Food

Anderson understands how consumer trends impact the design of pet food processing solutions.

The pet food industry is currently growing at around 4.5% per year. Over the years, we have developed technologies and equipment to meet and exceed the growing demands of the pet food industry.

Unlike animal feeds where nutritional and physical feed requirements are driven by the animal, nutrition and food requirements are driven by pet owners. Pet owners tend to adopt the same requirements we have for healthy human nutrition in pet food nutrition. So nutrition considerations include: grain-free, vegetarian, organic, low carb, high fresh meat inclusion, GMO-free, and dental care.

A wide variety of fresh meat and fish ingredients have also become driving forces in ingredient selection. All these factors impact the choice of technology chosen to process these ingredients in pet food.

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Anderson compund feed processing


Our design philosophy for processing compound feed.

The largest expense in edible protein production is the cost of feed. So our ultimate goal in feed manufacturing is to keep manufacturing costs down and assist clients with producing meat, milk, and eggs at the lowest cost.

We take great steps to ensure our feed milling solutions not only address functionality, engineering design and manufacturing workmanship, but also how we indirectly impact the cost of manufactured feed.

At Anderson Feed Technology, we’ve developed and evolved our equipment into a very comprehensive range of high quality, efficient processing solutions.

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