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Polymers Currently Processed on Anderson Finishing Lines:

  • NdBR, LiBR, NiBR, CoBR, TiBR, SSBR(dry & oil), ESBR(dry & oil), HSBR, SIBR, IR, EPM/EPDM, IIR, BIIR/CIIIR, NBR, Fluorinated Rubber, TPE’s (SBS, SIS, SEBS), ABS

Anderson-polymer-process-1Free Water Draining

A rubber crumb slurry is heated and fed to a dewatering screen to drain off free-water. Recommended equipment: Dewatering Screen, Rotary Drum Screens, and Skimmer tanks


Anderson-polymer-process-2Mechanical Dewatering and Drying

The Expeller presses the moisture from the rubber and cuts it into small wafers. Our Expander-Dryer® converts remaining liquid to steam and it flashes from the polymer.  Recommended Equipment: Expeller® Press and Expander/Dryer®


Anderson-polymer-process-3Evaporative Drying and Cooling

The gases are exhausted off and the porous dry polymer is conveyed through a Hot Box to the Spiral Elevator. Recommended Equipment: Hot Box, Horizontal Conveyors, Fluid Bed Dryer, Spiral Elevator, and Apron Dryers


Material Transport and Handling

Vibratory conveyors produce an evenly cooled product and reduce rubber sticking to conveyor decks. Recommended Equipment: Cutter-Pelletizing Systems, Pneumatic Conveying, Vibratory Feeder Conveyors, and Screener / Classifier


Anderson-polymer-process-5Anti-Stick Powder and Liquid System

To reduce polymer sticking to conveyor decks they are commonly coated with Teflon. Recommended Equipment: Powder Anti-stick Pneumatic System, Liquid Anti-Tack Delivery System, and Ribbon Mixer (Pellets)


Anderson-polymer-process-6Crumb Rubber Particle Size Management

Recommended Equipment: Mill Grinder and Delumper


Anderson-polymer-process-7Crumb Rubber Bale Formation

A weighing system is interlocked with bagging systems to ensure accurate weights. Recommended Equipment: Weight Scales, Pneumatic Cut-Gates / Crumb Flow Restrictors, and Hydraulic Balers


Bale Handling and Packaging

Recommended Equipment: Bale Conveyors, Bale Surface Inspection System, Metal Detector, Checkweigher, Bale Film Wrapper, Automatic Pellet Bagging System, and Bag Sewing Machine


Anderson-polymer-process-9Bale Crate and Box Loading Stations

Recommended Equipment: Automatic Robot and Manual Vacuum Lift Systems


Anderson-polymer-process-10Bale Recycling System

Recommended Equipment: Bale Hog and Recycling Crumb Wash Tank System


Control System

PLC Redundant Control Systems and Local Control Panels


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