In keeping up with the growth of the synthetic rubber dewatering market, Anderson International Corp has expanded its operations. The company relocated from its Cleveland facility to Stow, where the company now operates within a building on a 10-acre site which can accommodate expansions and an overhead crane system for moving loading their heavy machinery equipment. Since the move, the company has grown from 50 to 130 employees.

The move reflects the growing number of export sales the company is getting, with a majority of them from overseas clients. With substantial projects in China, India, the Middle East, and Russia, Anderson’s exported equipment to non-domestic customers has risen from 70-84% in the past five years.

Though there are many competitors within the market for dewatering and drying synthetic rubber, when companies are investing large sums of capital to build out entire processing plants, they want to ensure the products are the real thing, said Lenny Trocano, Anderson’s President.

“[Anderson] doesn’t do cheap,” he said. “We don’t compete as the lowest-cost supplier. If you want the cheapest equipment, go elsewhere.”

However, for customers looking for a globally respected company that stands by its products for their lifetime, Anderson fits the mold.

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