CLEVELAND – June 14, 2016 – Anderson International Corp, which designs, manufactures, and commissions oil, polymer, and feed processing equipment globally, has received ISO 9001:2015. This certification is the gold standard for quality management systems. It helps businesses and organizations to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. When ISO 9001 was revised, Anderson International made it a priority to be one of the first manufacturing organizations certified.

The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 included an emphasis on risk-based thinking, improved applicability for services, and increased leadership requirements.  Ultimately, ISO 9001:2015 was introduced to ensure that organizations have quality management systems built around meeting customer requirements.

“Achieving ISO 9001:2015 is a source of great pride for all of our associates,” said Paul Kohntopp, Executive Vice President and General Manager. “We’re a small but progressive company that is focused on success and growth in the future. Certification exemplifies those priorities.”

“We received ISO 9001 certification in April 2014, and it has been a great foundation on which to improve our organization,” said Mark Kelly, Sales and Marketing Manager. “We wanted to continue our commitment to improvement by being among the first in our industry to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification.”

“Our large, international customer base is familiar with working with ISO 9001 certified companies,” said Kelly. “We made it much simpler for our customers to understand our quality management system by adhering to a widely recognized international standard.”

The customer requirements focus of ISO 9001:2015 has benefitted Anderson International. “We believe certification enhances our relationships with our customers,” added Kelly. “The process of becoming certified is less a destination and more a journey.”



About Anderson
Anderson International Corp has been a global leader in building Complete systems for oilseed, synthetic rubber, and animal feed processing for more than 130 years. All of Anderson’s processing systems are built around the Expeller® press technology which was invented in the 1800s by the company’s founder, Valerius D. Anderson. All mechanical screw presses used in the industry today are built based on the original Anderson Expeller design. Over the course of time, Anderson has designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of oil, polymer, and feed processing equipment in more than 1,000 plant installations in over 100. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we stand by our products and provide complete process support for the lifetime of our systems.

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