Oilseed Extraction Equipment

Anderson International, as the inventor of the original continuous mechanical screw press, has been a global leader in the vegetable/oilseed extraction industry for 130 years. We’ve designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 12,000 pieces of processing equipment for over 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries, processing in excess of 100 different materials.

Not only a leading supplier of full-pressing equipment for specialty oil extraction, Anderson also manufactures equipment for preparation of low and high oil content seeds to minimize utility consumption and maximize yield in chemical and mechanical extraction plants.

Today, Anderson supports clients globally with process expertise, durable equipment, innovative designs and metallurgies, replacement parts, research and development, total plant layouts, installation supervision, and training necessary for optimal performance of the entire system.

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The most widely used and longest lasting presses in the industry.

Along with maintenance- and operator-friendly packages, these systems can press over 100 metric tons per day in a single machine with residuals as low as 5%.

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Our systems are:

Durable: Durability of our machinery helps reduce maintenance costs. Our oilseed expanders are designed to offer long runs between downtimes and consider what is required for 24/7, uninterrupted run times. Our Expander®, for example, has run over 800,000 metric tons of oilseeds without maintenance downtime. In addition, several of Anderson’s equipment models from the 1920s are still in operation today.

Flexible: Flexibility impacts profitability by allowing processors to quickly change from one oilseed type to another, taking advantage of market shifts. This flexibility may be driven by market availability or market prices.

Profitable: With the creation of Anderson’s Dox™ Extruders, processors can pair these technologies with Expeller® presses to process double their processing capacities while using the same amount of energy, reducing operational costs.


Oilseed Extraction

The primary goal of oilseed processing is to extract as much oil as possible from the seed while consuming as little energy as possible. The result: two end products, oil and the leftover solids traditionally called meal.

The two most common methods for separating the oil from the oilseed are chemical extraction and mechanical extraction. With chemical extraction, there is less oil loss, but plants incur higher investment costs while yielding a lower value product.

While oil losses in the meal are slightly higher, around 5-8%, mechanical extraction does not expose the products to any harmful chemicals, yielding a much higher value product.

Screw Press Diagram