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Processors expect a lot from industrial equipment. Machines run nonstop at many facilities, pressing tons of raw material that gradually wears down even the toughest steel. Heavy-duty processing equipment requires regular maintenance, repair, and even rebuilds to keep running at peak capacity—and avoid the costly downtime that can quickly eat away profits. To minimize every minute of expensive downtime, the Anderson International aftermarket service group works to keep processing plants running profitably.

From spare parts to troubleshooting calls to complete overhauls, Anderson stands behind its products far after installation by offering ongoing service and support throughout the equipment’s entire lifetime. Here are some of the ways we help our clients get the most from their machines.

1.     Site Support

With over a century of expertise, we at Anderson International pride ourselves on not only being an ISO-certified Gold Standard manufacturer, but also being a complete resource for processors around the globe. We tailor solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges through various types of on-site and virtual support, including:

·      Operational Training: To help our clients make the best use of Anderson International equipment, we incorporate training into every installation. Our engineering experts travel to clients across the globe, developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each system and educating processors on how to operate our oil Expellers, Expanders, and Extruders.

·      Process Audits: Anderson’s process audits examine how to maximize your efficiency while minimizing production costs. By evaluating your process step-by-step, we can identify issues and inefficiencies, explore areas for improvement, and optimize your plant-wide workflow. Whether you’re using the wrong equipment or veering from the ideal sequence of steps, our experts can recommend the right operations for your plant.

·      Maintenance Training: While Anderson’s equipment is engineered to require minimal maintenance downtime, regular care is key to keeping our machines running. Our maintenance training teaches operators how to extend the life of their equipment with proper upkeep, leveraging our team’s experience working on 12,000 units in 1,000 plant installations in over 100 countries. We train clients how to repair and rebuild our machines if they break down, to get production back online as soon as possible.

Traditionally, this level of site support required extensive international travel to serve our clients globally. Today, thanks to improved video conferencing and data-sharing technology, we’re able to offer virtual training and support to serve clients around the globe in real-time, too.
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2.     Aftermarket Parts

While discount suppliers may offer cheaper aftermarket parts, off-brand replacements aren’t likely manufactured to Anderson’s strict quality standards and exacting specifications. Knock-offs often lag in performance and wear down faster than OEM parts, eroding any potential savings and jeopardizing your optimal efficiency.

By sourcing OEM replacement parts directly from Anderson International, processors can:

·      maintain optimal plant performance
·      ensure a long operational life for processing equipment
·      maintain equipment warranties.

As machines gradually wear down over time, Anderson International provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for new and used Anderson Expellers, Expanders, and Extruders. Made in the USA, our parts are manufactured to stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality control standards and shipped anywhere in the world.

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3.     Dedicated Inventory Program

Spare parts take time to restock and ship. When every minute of downtime is eating into your plant’s profits, waiting for replacements can get costly. To reduce this risk of downtime, Anderson offers a dedicated inventory program that lets clients cost-effectively stock extra inventory in our warehouse. A 10% down payment guarantees your part’s availability at Anderson, so if a machine breaks down, we can quickly deliver a new component from your backup inventory.

By proactively planning ahead to stock replacement parts, this program allows processors to accurately forecast spending instead of reacting to expensive equipment surprises—saving both time and money.

For clients in North America, specifically east of the Mississippi, Anderson offers “hot-shot trucking” — delivering dedicated inventory directly to facilities, as a faster, more cost-effective alternative to shipping. These deliveries include onsite technical support to troubleshoot, repair, or rebuild damaged equipment. Technicians bring damaged pieces back to the warehouse to salvage as much as possible, and then repaired parts go back into a client’s dedicated inventory as backup for the next breakdown.

Here is an example of how this program works to keep Anderson’s clients running.

Anderson Aftermarket Service in Action

The challenge: A soybean processor in Wisconsin contacted the Anderson International aftermarket service team recently when the thrust unit on their 12” Dox Extruder suddenly locked up, shutting down the machine. The client didn’t have time to tear apart the thrust unit to figure out what caused it to lock up; they just needed to keep the plant running.

The solution: Anderson’s field service team delivered a new thrust unit from the client’s dedicated inventory, and installed it within 24 hours. Technicians brought the damaged thrust unit back to Anderson and repaired the failed bearing—only replacing the parts that needed to be replaced and salvaging the rest to reduce costs for the client by 50%.

The result: Now, the rebuilt thrust unit is waiting in the client’s dedicated inventory at Anderson for the next time the unit needs to be replaced. By using Anderson’s dedicated inventory program and the field service that accompanies it, the processor was able to minimize downtime to less than a day while cutting costs in half.

International Service and Support

In addition to Anderson’s domestic field service, several of our international agents offer dedicated inventory programs as well:

·      MIDIKA International is the exclusive agent for Anderson’s oilseed processing clients in Mexico, offering services such as on-site technical support, local part warehousing, and even toll crushing and product testing through their sister company, ENAT International.
·      AIC Philippines is the exclusive agent servicing Anderson’s clients in the Philippines and Indonesia, providing a dedicated inventory program with warehousing local to the islands.

Around the globe, Anderson International is committed to keeping our processors running smoothly. Every specialist on our team brings several years of operational experience in the field, along with the expertise needed to efficiently run a processing facility.

There’s a reason why Anderson installations from the 1920s are still in operation today. We proudly stand by our products for their entire lifetime by providing end-to-end training, service, and support to help our clients achieve the best quality products, optimum yields, and maximum profits from our equipment.

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